Frequently Asked Questions

What supplies will I need?
Any type of camera, smartphones are welcome.

Do you have to be a photo major?
All levels are welcome.

Are there any pre- requisites?

Do you have a recommendation for places to stay?
I would begin your search by trying to find a room at some NYC universities such as Columbia, NYU and others. They often rent out dorm rooms to students. One of the great things about NYC is that New Jersey is just across the river.  A number of students have found accommodations at the link below, 

The room rate is $155/night (excluding taxes/fees). It is near the Newport PATH train station, which runs up to 33rd Street on the Orange line in the city. Between the two Journal Square trains from the Newport station, there is 24 hour/day coverage (it just goes through Hoboken after 11pm and on weekends).

Also, you can use AirBnB:

Co-Curricular Grant for Student-Generated Initiatives

The Co-curricular Fee was developed within the Division of Student Affairs to provide financial resources that promote and enhance the out-of-classroom experience for undergraduate students. In an effort to expand access to Co-curricular Fee funding, the Division of Student Affairs has established an application process for students and recognized student organizations to submit funding requests for consideration. These requests should be for extra-curricular programs, activities, travel, or events that are developed and promoted by students or recognized student organizations only (for departmental funding opportunities please refer to the ‘Co-curricular Fee Funding Application for Departmental Initiatives’). To ensure that the Co-curricular Fee distribution is effective and inclusive, an Advisory Committee of staff and students will be established to review funding requests for all student-generated initiatives submitted. The committee will evaluate applications and make allocation recommendations to the Senior Vice President and Dean of Student Affairs.
Please access the application here: Co-Curricular Funding Application

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